Eryone3D was started in 2018 in Shenzhen China, they produce 3D printers, filaments resins and more. They offer a good range of colors and material types.

Learn more about ERYONE3D here.

Tech Specs


  • Good price and availability
  • Great quality to price performance
  • Nice selection of colors
  • Excellent spool winding
  • Matte finish

Matte Blue PLA Technical Specifications

  • 1.75mm
  • 190C-220C
  • +/- 0.03 tolerance
  • 1KG (2.2lbs)


Dremel Digilabs 3D45 Ideabuilder

  • 4mm Hardened Steel Nozzle
  • Glass Bed

Anycubic Mega X

  • 4mm Nozzle
  • Ultrabase Bed

Extrusion Issues?

We received the filament in the same order as our Glitter Purple. Unfortunately, the matte blue did not come with a resealable bag like the Glitter Purple. This is a huge bummer since we were totally expecting one.

We immediately printed an XYZ cube at the lowest rated temperature and default cube settings (190c/0.1-layer height/30% infill) on our Dremel but had major issues with extrusion. We increased the nozzle temperature 20c to 210 and achieved a better result but still showing layer adhesion issues.

Lower Temperatures Proved To Be Tricky


XYZ Cubes

The first result was concerning at 190c because it had some clear extrusion and adhesion problems but once we increased the temperature to 210c the cube finished without a hitch, albeit not great due to what looks to be uneven extrusion on the top of the z side. At 220c it still was not perfect, so we increased It to 225c and achieved a nicer almost carbon fiber look.

XYZ Calibration Cubes - From left to right - 190c, 210c, 220c, 225c

3D Benchys

3D Benchys - From left to right - 220c, 225c, 225c(ACMX)

The first Benchy printed well but not perfect, some minor adhesion and extrusion issues towards the top and the text on the back of the boat was not legible, the bottom was excellent, however.

As a final Benchy test we increased the temperature to 225c as we did with the cube and this proved a nicer result. To ensure it was not the printer causing some of the mentioned issues we printed the Benchy on our Anycubic Mega X with the exact same settings (225c/40c/40mm/s) which turned out about the same.

Man of Steel Bust

We thought the color was perfect to print a man of steel bust. Blue steel anyone? The Dremel was causing some major under extrusion towards the top on his face so we printed it with the same settings again on our Anycubic Mega X and had a much more palatable result.  The supports did fail both times underneath his chest which is something of note. We think it’s time to replace the nozzle assembly on the 3D45.

Cyber Rob 3D Printer Stress Test from Cyber Filaments

Cyber Rob Stress Test

Cyber Rob is designed as a printer stress test, so we figured it was appropriate filament test as well.

We printed at the suggested settings of 0.16mm layer height, 40mm/s, 3 walls and 20% in fill and we used 225c as our nozzle temperature. You can see a lot of layer shift lines, and a bit of stringing on the top but overall, for a printer stress test we would consider it successful. The filament itself did an excellent job of adhesion with all the strange parts, nooks, and crannies.

Join the Cyber Rob printer test challenge with us! Post your make of Cyber_filaments Cyber_rob found here on Cults3D.

Spool Wind and Filament Diameter Consistency

Spool wind was quite good, we used a digital caliper to measure the consistency of the diameter in 10 different spots over 3 meters of filament and found it to be quite good only varying once outside their advertised range once (+/- 0.03mm), see all measurements below.

1.       1.74

2.       1.73

3.       1.73

4.       1.75

5.       1.72

6.       1.72

7.       1.72

8.       1.71

9.       1.73

10.   1.77

Temperature, Overhang and Stringing Test​

First test at 190c produced very little as you can see in the pictures, we increased nozzle temperature to 220c and reprinted with pretty much the exact same result.

The spool wind of ERYONE3D Matte Blue PLA 3D printing filament
ERYON3D Matte Blue PLA Stringing Test


ERYONE3D is a newer 3D printing company producing impressive PLA filaments that aren’t priced out of this world while generating excellent results. Some just starting out in 3d printing may cheap out on filament at first but you quickly learn the filament you are using is very vital to the quality and reliability of your prints. 

Although the Matte Blue didn’t perform as well as the Glitter Purple in certain areas like layer adhesion and out of the box usability. It still pulls it’s weight in quality + price to performance and has a tighter tolerance ratio.


  • Unique Matte Blue Color
  • Tighter Tolerance of +/-0.03mm
  • Better Priced at $34.99 CAD for 1KG
  • Spool Wind


  • Took some tinkering out of the box to produce nicer prints (190c didn’t really seem to work all that well)
  • No resealable bag

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