Eryone3D was started in 2018 in Shenzhen China, they produce 3D printers, filaments resins and more. They offer a good range of colors and material types and are constantly adding to their selection.

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Tech Specs


  • Good price and availability
  • Great quality to price performance
  • Nice selection of colors
  • Best spool winding we’ve seen yet
  • Nice rainbow transition compared to their previous rainbow PLA
  • Great silky shine finish

Metal Silk Rainbow PLA Technical Specifications

  • 1.75mm
  • 190C-220C
  • +/- 0.05 tolerance
  • 1KG (2.2lbs)

Printer Setup

Dremel Digilabs 3D45 Ideabuilder

  • 0.4mm nozzle
  • Glass bed
  • 0.1mm Layer height
  • 40mm/s

Jump Right in

Unfortunately, it seems the glitter purple PLA was an exception at this point as the ERYONE3D Metal Silk Rainbow PLA did not come with a resealable bag. This is a huge bummer since we believe this should become the industry standard.

Normally we start with simple calibration tests but decided to jump right in with a 30 hour print and we don’t think it could have turned out better as this is usually a risky endeavor. We printed at 210c, 45c bed, 0.1mm layer height and 25% infill.

Various Rainbow Test Prints


The Penguin

We felt confident enough in Eryone3D’s filament to jump right in. Plus we really wanted to see the new rainbow transition. We started with Fotismint’s Penguin bust from Tim Burtons Batman Returns and boy did it turn out fantastic! As stated above we printed it at 210c, 45c glass bed temperature, 0.1mm layer height at 25% infill at 40mm/s print speed. There was one spot on the left of the bust which didnt adhere 100% but not enough for concern.

Eryone Rainbow-117
One of Fotismint's many stunning models, considering supporting their Patreon
Single XYZ Calibration Cube Photoshopped to show 4 sides

XYZ Calibration Cube

This is our first review that we only needed to print 1 XYZ calibration cube to confirm that the suggested temperature range is very accurate, consider us impressed.

The only imperfection was on the top (Z) where it looks like the last few lines were forgotten about. See in the picture to the left (bottom right of the cube). And as you can see the layer adhesion on the very far left is near perfect.


3D Benchy

Same point as above, we only had to print a single 3D benchy at 210c to really show off the simplicity of this metal silk rainbow PLA. Generally it takes a few attempts to really dial in 1) the bottom text, 2) the overhang on the door and 3) the adhesion towards the top but this rainbow PLA is already proving to be a great material for beginners. 

3D Benchy Test Print
Fantasy Tower from Thingiverse

Fantasy Tower

A fantasy tower in the metal rainbow silk PLA gives the tower that extra fantasy look along with really showing how nice the rainbow transition is.

Overall the print is excellent. Really good adhesion, very minor imperfections on the stairs and castle wall, we think if we slowed the print down to 30mm/s it may just be perfect!

Spool Wind and Filament Diameter Consistency

Spool wind was quite good, we used a digital caliper to measure the consistency of the diameter in 10 different spots over 3 meters of filament and found it to be exactly as advertised (+/- 0.05mm), see all measurements below.

1.       1.76

2.       1.72

3.       1.73

4.       1.78

5.       1.75

6.       1.72

7.       1.71

8.       1.71

9.       1.70

10.   1.75

Torture Cube

The torture cube is perfect for testing multiple aspects of a filament, more specifically in the metal silk rainbow’s case: the stringing. This is where the filament loses a few points, we printed 3 of them between 190c and 220c and found that the higher temperatures produced less stringing and a nicer shine but failed to reduce the stringing to 0.

Eryone Rainbow-110
The spool wind of ERYONE3D Metal Silk Rainbow PLA 3D printing filament
ERYON3D Metal Silk Rainbow PLA Stringing Test


ERYONE3D is a newer 3D printing company producing impressive PLA filaments that aren’t priced out of this world while generating excellent results. Some just starting out in 3d printing may cheap out on filament at first but you quickly learn the filament you are using is very vital to the quality and reliability of your prints. 

More specifically this Metal Silk Rainbow PLA is extremely easy to use out of the box at what seems like any of the suggested temperatures with the exception of a bit of stringing on the lower temps.


  • Great rainbow transition, especially compared to their old rainbow PLA
  • One of the best spool winds we’ve seen
  • Competitively priced for a silk PLA
  • Great for those just getting into FDM 3D printing


  • No resealable bag
  • Stringing at lower temperatures

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