Launched in Shenzhen, China, in 2018, Eryone 3D has established itself as a renowned producer of 3D printers, filaments, resins, and more. We are testing their gray washable resin. Ideally what we look for in a resin is print speed, high strength and low odor; you want to avoid a product that turns too brittle. And of course, an easy cleaning process is an extra perk!

Learn more about ERYONE3D here.


  • No noticeable smell
  • Easy to wash using only warm water
  • Great selection of colors with the possibility of creating a variety of colors from mixing them. Among the available colors are white, grey, black, transparent, cyan, magenta, and yellow
  • The Eryone3D bottle nozzle width makes pouring hassle-free as well as returning unused resin to the bottle a breeze, you can also easily fit a funnel for even easier pouring
  • Compatible with most SLA 3D printers
  • More brittle in comparison to traditional resin

Printer and Cleaning Setup

Anycubic Photon Mono SE

Anycubic Wash and Cure 2.0

Suggested Print Settings

Bottom exposure time: 20s-100s
Layer exposure time: 2s-8s

Our Print Settings

Slicer: Anycubic Photon Workshop v2.1.24 RC7
Bottom exposure time: 30s
Layer exposure time: 6s
Layer Height (unless otherwise noted): 0.030mm
Off time(s): 0.50s
Bottom layers: 3
Z lift distance: 6s
Z lift speed: 6s
Z retract speed: 6s
Ant aliasing: 4

3 Step Cleaning Process


  1. Dunk build plate in the first washing tub of warm water for 30s aiming to get rid of excess resin from the FEP.
  2. Dunk in a separate tub with clean warm water, moving the water around
  3. Set in the wash and cure spin cycle for 10 to 15 minutes to ensure its 100% clean before curing


After cleaning we cured most prints under the UV light for 15 minutes to ensure a nice hard finish


Over curing and more brittle

3D Benchys - From left to right - 220c, 225c, 225c(ACMX)

We ran several tests with different models from various Patreons we subscribe to and some free models from Thingiverse. Overall, we were impressed with the resin and did not find any significant problems or fails. However, we did notice two things:

  1. The first one is that smaller models looked over-cured doing a 6s cure time that even 4s is quite high. (Cyber-forge minis turned slightly over cured and had a minor failure with a single leg not printing but the print still finished)
  2. The second thing was that water washable resin in general tends to be more brittle than traditional resin. We do not recommend the water washable for functional parts.

The Prints!


The squig from Rocket Pig Games Orc Tusklands Kickstarter campaign was the first test we ran and it turned out fantastic. This was a supportless model that produced great color, little to no layer lines and is quite solid in terms of strength.

Clay Claw

Another print from Rocket Pig Games this time from their monster miniatures Kickstarter, this was printed alongside the Squig and turned out equally as impressive.


Shume from Cyber_myths Patreon turned out okay on the front but the supports on the rear ruined the print. We reached out to Cyber_myths to let them know their supports are not the best. We also noticed there was a fair amount of details lost due to the 6s cure time(thanks to ThingsI3Dprinted for his input). We will be reprinting this once we receive our new FEPS(RIP).

SRUTD was printed at 0.020mm layer height and took approximately 14hr, the detail is slightly better but still over exposed in areas due to the 6s exposure time, were not sure when you would ever want to use that high of an exposure time but we are still learning how to fully test resin so please bare with us.

Cyber Forge Miniatures

The Cyber Forge miniatures are great models that come with pro-supported and user friendly supported options. We opted for the pro-supported which printed beautifully with the exception of one leg. If you look closely you can tell these are darker than the rest of the other models and they did lose detail due to our user error in using a 6s cure time which we learned from ThingsI3DPrinted we should only be using 2-3s on most resins however, our FEP broke when testing a 2s cure time and we are currently awaiting new FEPs to test out the shorter exposure times.


ERYONE3D is a newer 3D printing company producing an impressive selection of 3D related products that aren’t priced out of this world while generating excellent results. The low odor, color selection, and water washable factor makes this resin favorable for the average 3d printing hobbyist. However we would not recommend the water washable for any functional parts you may have in mind.


  • Color selection
  • Ability to mix all of their resins to create your own colors
  • Very minimal smell
  • Water washable is much less toxic compared to regular resin
  • Nozzle diameter of the bottle is awesome and makes pouring and returning resin very easy


  • Results are more brittle compared to regular resin
  • More expensive than traditional resin


  • Correct exposure times are the key for great print results, in this case 2-3s maximum
  • We tried isopropyl on some models just as a test and didnt notice a difference in the cleanliness, can you?


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