Eryone3D PLA Glitter Purple Filament
ERYONE3D Glitter Purple PLA 3D Printing Filament
ERYONE3D Glitter Purple PLA 3D Printing Filament Benchys Test


ERYONE3D was started in 2018 in Shenzhen China, they produce 3D printers, filaments resins and more. They offer a good range of colors and material types; our favorite so far is this glitter purple. Learn more about ERYONE3D here:

Tech Specs


  • Good price and availability
  • Great quality / price performance
  • Nice selection of colors and types (silk, rainbow, glitter etc)
  • Plastic spool
  • Decent spool winding for an abrasive material
  • Nice shine

Galaxy Purple PLA Technical Specifications

  • 1.75mm
  • 190C-220C
    • We suggest 220C
  • +/- 0.05 tolerance
  • 1KG

Printer Setup

  • Dremel Digilabs 3D45 Ideabuilder
  • 4mm Nozzle with a 0.2mm inner diameter
  • Glass bed
  • Dremel purple invisible glue
  • Fans on

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Resealable Bag Included!

The galaxy purple PLA filament arrived quickly from Amazon and was nicely vacuum sealed. A nice touch was the additional resealable bag included, not all companies are doing this yet and it helps prolong the life of your filament material by keeping moisture out.

Upon removing it out of the packaging we loaded up our default XYZ Calibration cube at 190C, 40mm/s, 45C bed on a 0.4mm nozzle on our Dremel Digilabs 3D45 Ideabuilder using 0.1-layer height and 30% infill. 

See our test prints below.

ERYONE 3D PLA filament packaging
Cardboard box the spool comes in, with a resealable bag to keep moisture out


XYZ Cubes

We were pleasantly surprised by our first print result using our default settings but after some minor tweaking we were more blown away by the layer adhesion.

Once we printed various cubes between 190c and 220c we found that the upper range of nozzle temperatures seemed to be best for layer adhesion as well as giving the object a little extra shine.

XYZ Calibration Cubes - From left to right - 190c, 200c, 210c, 220c

3D Benchys

3D Benchys - From left to right - 190c, 200c, 210c, 220c

After finding our ideal nozzle temperature on the calibration cube we moved on to 3D Benchy. Our first result was equally as impressive as the last cube we printed. Very little overhangs, nice detail but the text on the bottom was not legible so we lowered the bed temperature to 35c which helped with the writing on the bottom. 

The best overall benchy was 220c/35c/40mm/s taking about 1h 10m to print.


Once honing our settings with the 3D Benchy print we could not help ourselves but print a Marvel Thanos bust because the color is PERFECT.

Thanos turned out extremely beautiful other than one area on his face with some minor under extrusion but this was likely a fault of the Dremel’s default nozzle and using a semi abrasive material. The Dremel nozzle is 0.4mm but has an interior diameter of 0.2mm so it really does not work nicely with abrasives.

Time lapse below: Please like and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

Thanos bust printed in ERYONE3D Glitter Purple PLA 3D printing filament
Spiralized vase printed in ERYONE3D Glitter Purple PLA 3D printing filament

Spiralized Vase

We weren’t sure about printing in vase mode with a 0.4mm nozzle but for photo purposes it actually turned out magnificent (it doesn’t hold water, trust us). We will print a large vase with our new 0.8mm nozzles and post it to our Instagram soon.

If you are looking for our print specific settings please check our Instagram (@avk3d) posts or shoot us a DM.

You can also see the time lapses on our YouTube here: AVK3D YouTube

Spool Wind and Filament Diameter Consistency

The spool wind was not perfect but abrasive materials rarely are like your traditional PLA anyway. We used a digital caliper to measure the consistency of the diameter in 10 different spots and found it to be quite good only varying within their advertised range (+/- 0.05mm)


Although this is the first ERYONE3D filament we have reviewed, we have been using their various other filaments for ~3 months and the only issue we had was with their silk infused silver PLA but with a lot of filament being produced overseas the odd manufacturing irregularity is to be expected.

Temperature, Overhang and Stringing Test​

We intended to print a temperature and stringing test but one of our printers went down which handicapped our review process, we will update this review with a temperature test within the next few days.

However, based on the prints we did do we have come back pretty impressed with little to no stringing, no overhanging (once dialed in and accurate temperature suggestions).

ERYONE 3D PLA filament spool wind
The spool wind of ERYONE3D Glitter PLA 3D printing filament


ERYONE3D is a newer 3D printing company producing seemingly impressive PLA filaments that aren’t priced out of this world while generating excellent results. Some just starting out in the 3d printing hobby may cheap out on filament at first but you quickly learn the filament you are using is very vital to the quality and reliability of your prints.

Particularly we have come away quite impressed with the Purple Glitter PLA filament specifically for its layer adhesion, nice shine and reasonable price tag.


  • Excellent layer adhesion
  • Filament diameter within advertised tolerance range
  • Gives your objects a nice shiny finish
  • Reusable zip lock bag to keep moisture out of your precious filament


  • Higher end of standard PLA cost ($38 CAD for 1KG of glitter)
  • Like to see a tighter tolerance of 0.03 

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