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When you are using 3D Printing, you expect excellence; and we don’t want you to lower the bar! If you’re facing a problem or had a 3D print failure, we are more than happy to assist you.


Now more than ever, Art has embraced technology with 3D Printing, which allows the most fantastic artwork pieces to be made! 3D Printing is the path to make accurate, exciting and affordable pieces.


From candles to the most sophisticated pieces, we can create a suitable mold for you. With an endless list of applications, we can create FDM, or silicone mold, to produce the item or pieces you have in mind.


All DND fans understand how vital miniatures are in tabletop gaming. You want your figures to look like their characters! Embrace the fun by designing with us your DND miniatures. 3D Printing has opened a world of possibilities; leave us the technical part while you focus on the game.


From earrings to weapons, we understand how important the little details in prop and costume making are. Don’t get lost in an overwhelming search for the perfect props; here, you will find all the help you need to display your costume proudly.


Avoid the typical troubles when using traditional manufacturing methods. Opt for 3D Printing to craft strong, lightweight, and cost-effective parts. Our 3D printing process allows you to work with flexible designs, plus prototyping is a quick, hassle-free step!